Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Compression of dimension

There are quite many different discriptions of relationship between human eyes and a lens of a camera, although general believe says 45-50mm lens on a 135mm camera corresponding to what our eyes see; I agree sometimes, disagree sometimes.  It is often depends on where our eyes focused, how far it is and how close is it.
Many, or should I say "most" photographers spend time and of course - capital, to try to recreate the realistic, so-call 3D feels image on an image by way of defocu, hyfocus, large aperture lens, technical camera/lens to create it, which I also among them - sometimes.  But we also often heard that the only rule for art is that there is no rule, so I often took pictures show no dimension at all, here with this image, taken with Panasonic GF1 and 20/1.7 lens, a good example.  Image taken at the beautiful Mandarin Dhara Dhevi, Chiangmai, Thailand.

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